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85 ELITE Bluelight Blocking Glasses

85 ELITE Bluelight Blocking Glasses

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Discover Your Digital Oasis with Hippietech 85 ELITE Bluelight Blocking Glasses!

Step into a serene screen time experience with Hippietech’s advanced blue light blocking glasses. Meticulously crafted for the modern digital nomad, these glasses are your perfect companion for long hours in front of screens, offering a harmonious blend of style and wellness.

Visionary Comfort Meets Cutting-Edge Design

Embrace the ultimate viewing comfort as Hippietech’s glasses boast a luxurious cushion lining the inner frame, providing a snug, almost goggle-like fit. The innovative shape not only ensures a chic look but also acts as a seal against intrusive light, allowing you to focus on your task without any glare or strain.

Optimized for Your Digital Lifestyle

Our lenses are more than just a statement; they’re a shield. Coated with a yellow hue, they filter approximately 85% of blue light, ensuring the digital blues don't affect your sleep patterns or eye health. With a lens width of 63mm (2.48 inches), a bridge of 10mm (0.39 inches), and a temple length of 115mm (4.53 inches), these frames are scaled for teens to adults, ensuring a universal appeal.

Breathe Easy with Smart Ventilation

Innovation doesn’t stop at sight. The smartly positioned air vents on the top edge of the frame allow heat and moisture to escape, ensuring your cool and clear comfort throughout the day. This thoughtful design element underscores our commitment to not just visual protection, but overall satisfaction.

Durability That Endures

Crafted from robust polycarbonate, the frames offer a reliable sturdiness without sacrificing flexibility. Spanning approximately 145mm (5.71 inches) end to end with a curved edge of 195mm (7.68 inches), and a reinforced stainless screw-pin hinge, they withstand the demands of daily use with graceful resilience.


  • Bluelight Blocking 85% Efficacy (blue light wavelengths between 400nm and 455nm)
  • Lens Width: 63mm (2.48 inches)
  • Bridge: 10mm (0.39 inches)
  • Temple Length: 115mm (4.53 inches)
  • Full Frame Width: 145mm (5.71 inches) straight across; 195mm (7.68 inches) curved

Elevate Your Screen Time with Hippietech

Make the smart choice for your eyes. Hippietech blue light blocking glasses are not just an accessory; they're a health essential for the digital age. Invest in your vision's future and embrace the fusion of style and technology. Add Hippietech to your daily digital ritual and experience the tranquility of protected, effortless screen time. Shop now and join the wellness revolution—one glance at a time.

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